Hospital Uses of Funds

Each year, Georgia HEART Participating Hospitals must file a “Rural Hospital Tax Credit Donation and Expenditure Form” with the Georgia Department of Community Health, listing the uses to which they have put their HEART contributions.

Participants in this this tax credit program are truly helping to improve healthcare in rural Georgia, as can be seen by the following 2018 HEART Hospital results.

“Financial instability and lack of funding remain the most challenging obstacles that rural hospitals in Georgia face. The Georgia HEART Rural Hospital Tax Credit has been a game changer for Georgia hospitals, and for ours especially. It has enabled us to make upgrades and repairs, increase service lines, and hire a physician. It has been the answer to many prayers and hopefully will pave the way for great things in our future.”

“Our hospital used the funds raised through the Georgia HEART Rural Hospital Tax Credit program to renovate the Medical Surgical patient rooms which included new flooring, restrooms, air conditioning units, windows, and telemetry monitors. The funds were also used to make additional improvements in the Cancer Care Center and allowed us to renovate the space and add additional treatment chairs and pumps to better serve our patients.”

“Our community continues to struggle with high amounts of uncompensated care which reduces our hospital's ability to finance operations and planned enhancements and growth. The Georgia HEART Rural Hospital Tax Credit program was a blessing that not only kept our hospital open, but allowed us an opportunity to start much needed renovations and the addition of new services and physicians to this community.”

“We were able to purchase a monitoring system for our hospital. The cost of this needed item was almost what our normal capital budget is for the hospital. We would not have had funds allocated to purchase this without the Georgia HEART Rural Hospital Tax Credit program. This will help us provide a higher quality of care for our patients for years to come.”

“The Georgia HEART Rural Hospital Tax Credit program donations helped tremendously in providing care for patients that could not otherwise pay for care. We used donations to purchase new software and equipment and were able to reduce our accounts payable. We were able to start addressing our needs relating to capital improvements, equipment and access to healthcare and information technology. We are hoping to expand this goal with our 2019 donations.”